Short Course on Islamic Studies for International Student 2022

“The Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on all sectors of life including the economy, education, and religious life. In the religious aspect, the scholars are trying to address this pandemic from a religious perspective. For example, several fatwas were issued in response to the need to adjust religious practices during the pandemic. So therefore
Ahmad Dahlan University’s Faculty of Islamic Studies offers a short course on Islamic studies through an interdisciplinary and multi-perspective approach with the theme Issues on Islamic Studies post Pandemic. Specifically, this short course covers four fields, hadith studies, Arabic literature, Islamic banking, and Islamic education.”

🔥The benefits of this short course🔥
1. Flexibility. All study materials, exercises and support are delivered online
2. Better understanding on religion and pandemics in Indonesian Context, new knowledge
3. International Certificate & Academic Transcript for 3 Credits.

to Apply this program, prospective student should follow the requirement below:
▪️ Red background photo
▪️ Affidavit of not being involved in politics and Affidavit of not working (Please find the attacment on )
▪️ Passport/ Resident ID Card/ KTP/ Student Card
▪️ Inbound form (Please find the attacment on )
Note: All documents must be scanned in color, JPG or PDF format

🗓️ : August 20th- Sept 29th 2022
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✨ Contact Person : ✨
📞 +62 851-5727-3992 (Ahmad Zaki Annafiri’)
📞 +62 896-6785-0578 (Arif Rahman)
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