Background of Symposium

The United Nations have released several global issues that need our attention. Among these global issues are climate change, water crisis, peace and security, human rights, international law and justice, gender equality, Big Data for sustainable development, and so on. Islam, as a wasathiyah religion that descends with the promise of being a religion that is always relevant to the development of the situation and conditions of the times (shalih li kulli zaman wa makan), also needs to respond to these global issues. Therefore, Muslim scholars must respond to these global issues, for instance, by rethinking theological and philosophical issues in Islam with modern and contemporary disciplines. In light of this context, Islam in World Perspectives Symposium (IWOS), a symposium organized by the Faculty of Islamic Studies of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, offers a platform for scholars, researchers, and scholars of Islamic studies to express their ideas.


“Revitalizing Wasathiyah Islam in Responding to Global Issues”


Important Date

Abstract submissions deadline 
November 14, 2022

Announcement of accepted
November 17, 2022

Conference date
November 24, 2022

Full paper submissions
November 30, 2022


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